Yulin festival: the consumption of dogs and cats rooted in local customs

The most hated festival in the world continues to exist even after the bitter struggle of animal rights activists. There are officially 10,000 dogs and 4,000 cats killed each year... but the reality is even more heartbreaking: about 40,000 dogs and nearly 10,000 cats are killed for the pleasure of taste buds of the Chinese...

Has almost a month of the summer solstice, the alarm of the militants resounds this year again. The fight against the Yulin festival is not over. And for good reason, in spite of the promises of the town hall of the city, the inhabitants will continue to taste the best friends of the Man . The dramatic turn of events is such that thousands of animals will be killed savagely because, according to consumers, meat is better if the animal has been tortured before being murdered . In addition, the origin of animals is still uncertain : flights, farms,... no follow-up is ever done. This is obviously without mentioning the conditions of hygiene and detention of animals, which are equally deplorable: dogs are regularly sick , full of parasites and are crammed in cages on top of each other

Customs that persist

Like the ancestral beliefs that meat is ideal for our health when we are not beings omnivorous by nature, the Yulin Chinese have made dog breeding a custom like any other. On the other hand, for them, eating a cow is much more cruel than eating a farmed dog: the cow helps in plowing the fields, it is useful and helps the man.

Moreover, the Dog meat is inexpensive and it allows the inhabitants to feed themselves (about 300 dogs a year are killed for consumption). In fact 500g of dog meat cost 18 yuan (or 2 € 42) while the meat of the dog costs 35 yuan (or € 4.72). This trade allows the Chinese to build part of the country's economy. Therefore they "produce" dogs that they will easily sell at the festival.

Culture shock

Meat consumers or dog breeders, do not understand the media boom and the scale that have taken the demonstrations against their custom. For them, we are not forced to eat dog, so why should they be prevented from eating or killing?

We are today protest against the horror of this festival that twists our stomachs. As Westerners, we do not understand how our best furry friend can be tasted, but what further scandalizes us is the way animals are treated during this kind of reception. Nevertheless, the images of European slaughterhouses revealed recently have proved that we are also torturing our animals, which are also sacred to the Asian population...

Nevertheless, the consumption of dog and cat meat decreases considerably. China is aware of the bad image it sends back during these festivities. So the authorities and the people want to make things happen. For this, many petitions and demonstrations are marching and part of the Chinese population is following suit. Fortunately for our companions, mentalities are changing and evolve in the right direction

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