Your questions about breeding in dogs

Does a male have to project regularly?

It should be, but it is difficult to do in town. Behavioral disorders, due to the fact that a male has never emerged, are rare if the dog has a normal physical exercise

How to do when you have male and female at home?

If you do not do not want to spend your time closing the doors and separating the two animals, you have to operate one of them. It is often the female that is chosen because it eliminates the problem of bleeding.

Can the bitch be raised during the heat?

Yes, it is the only time she accepts the male. The teachers sometimes mistakenly think that the presence of the bleeding preserves a gestation.

When should a dog be raised to have puppies?

The most favorable moment is between the 11th and the 15th day of heat. The ideal is to make projections on the 9th, 11th and 13th days. Current techniques make it possible to accurately determine the right moment with hormonal assays.

Do we have to take certain precautions for the protrusion?

The female must be in heat. Do not give food to the male before a projection or less than 2 hours later. This helps to avoid the risk of stomach twisting due to effort, especially in larger breeds.