Your dog will soon send you his own selfies!

Tired of missing your selfies with your dog? A communication company has invented a machine allowing your dog to take the picture himself. Notice to techies!

Taking selfies is an art. These self-portraits made using smartphones and other digital tools ask, even if they will never admit it, often long minutes of pose to the followers of the kind before finding the right angle. And when we bring in a pet from history, we let you imagine...

No mystery, photographing successfully in the presence of your dog or cat, is impossible mission. A sudden movement is enough to make the image blurry or completely missed. Situations that can sometimes give rise to comical situations.

To remedy this problem of modern times, the communication company Twilio has developed a kit allowing your dog to take selfies himself . It is enough for the animal to press a button (it is still necessary that it cooperates...), placed in front of a kind of webcam, and the photo is directly sent on the smartphone of his human, as the shows this video by Mashable:

A gadget that deserves, since it will pay more than 80 euros to obtain the precious sesame.

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