Your cat is stressed? AllCreatureAnimalClinic offers you the solution!

The summer holidays arrive and you plan to go with your cat. Yes but here it is: in the car, because of the stress, it is not quite that. Thanks to its partnership with Vétoquinol, AllCreatureAnimalClinic is happy to be able to help you...

The behavior of your cat is not the same at the moment. In addition, when traveling, it's even worse. Griffons , meowing, aggressiveness, urine markings are all signs that can (and should) therefore alert you to its psychological state and make you hear that your Small living room tiger is probably under the yoke of stress. But rest assured: this state of affairs is far from inevitable!

If it tends to react badly when it hears fireworks or loud noises ( such as those of hoover or thunder), that it has not yet found its bearings by your side, that you are about to welcome a new member (human or animal) at home, that it panics in transport or in places he does not know... think Zylkene ! Drug suitable for stressed cats , it fits perfectly in their travel pharmacy kit allowing them to be quickly appeased.

Moreover, thanks to its partnership with Vétoquinol, AllCreatureAnimalClinic offers to offer you several boxes of this product, while stocks last. To do so, nothing more simple: you just have to fill in the form below. But beware, first come, first served!

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