Your witnessing animals at your wedding!

To marry yes, but to marry surrounded by animals, it is even better for the lovers no beasts? That's what American Colleen Paige, animal behaviorist, understood. For a few years now, the young woman has been offering to organize the most day of your life around the passion of her clients: the animals.

Colleen Paige started by chance in the middle, at the request of her clients who wanted to include a theme on animals during their wedding ceremonies. Most of the time, she deals with implying dogs, but she has worked with horses, pigs, ferrets, birds, and even a turtle! He has already been asked to put a stuffed dog on the altar, or to run a horde of geese on the central aisle in the church.

Among the services offered by the company of the young woman, we find: training and care of animals , making a cake (often in the shape of dogs or cats), developing the reception, etc.

Often, we ask him to provide an outfit for the animal in question and walk on the center aisle. Couples must, however, repeat the actions shown by Colleen at home, so that the dog or cat does not forget. What made Colleen want to do this job was also his personal story.

Before he knew her, her husband was struggling to recover from a first divorce and spent all of his time with his wife. Chihuahua Tinkerbell. Hired to educate the bitch, Colleen and her husband finally fell in love. It was Tinkerbelle who had the honor to bring the rings to both grooms on the day of the ceremony.

The trades that revolve around the animal world are not lacking and diversifies more and more. And you, would you like your pet involved in your wedding or other important event in your life?