Your animals also suffer from atmospheric pollution

That says good weather and heat, also says pollution return! And even if we are not always aware of it, dogs and cats are also sensitive to air pollution: skin problems, irritated eyes and throats, respiratory problems... But air pollution does not only concern outside...

Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside air

Air pollution affects us and our animals and public authorities are mobilized to find solutions. But indoor air pollution, more dangerous and less mediatized, still largely unknown and underestimated.

In question, tobacco smoke, building materials, products of maintenance, essential oils or perfumes... All pollutants that are harmful for our animals but also for us.
Without forgetting the pollutants coming from the external environment which are inflated in our houses by the ventilation system and thus add to indoor pollutants

The harmful effects of pollution on our animals

Cough, red eyes, skin problems... All these allergic phenomena are consequences of pollution on health, and do not not affect humans. After all, animals breathe the same air as us and their masters, can also suffer the effects.

Some animals are more sensitive to the presence of pollutants in the air, such as pigs, brachycephalic breeds with crushed nose, cats with asthma. Young animals, and older, more fragile, are to be protected too. Whether volatile products, allergens, toxins: all these elements, present in mass in our world since a few decades, have a certain impact health.
It is difficult to control the concentration of these elements in the atmosphere, but we can limit their presence in our homes, by effectively controlling the airflow.

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