You'll never guess how this rabbit was saved

Recently abandoned near a highway in Florida, a small domestic rabbit had the chance to fall on a good Samaritan... thanks to a dog Especially stubborn.

When everything goes to hell, nothing seems to go... it's important to feel surrounded. For that, nothing better than to have a handful of faithful friends. A rabbit and a Jack Russell were also able to count on each other a short time ago when they found themselves on the street because of a family without a heart who did not hesitate to abandon them to their own fate . It is first the dog who was spotted by a roadside passing by. Worried about the safety of the animal, he tried to get him into his car.

But stubbornly, the dog fell back towards the wooded area stuck to the road barking as the driver advanced. A fact that did not stop the man, who went so far as to follow the furry. And he did well: it was under a bush that he then saw the immaculate little lagomorph. Without asking more questions, he seized it to put him - too - safe. It was only then that the dog agreed to ride in the truck, reports the Humane Society of Summit County.

Saved, dog and rabbit were adopted

The Good Samaritan baptized his guests Highway the dog and interstate the rabbit. Then he fed them with what he could before placing them in the nearest shelter. Only the canine found a place (and did not stay long since he has now found a loving family). But he did not give up on the rabbit: he continued to do some road with him to find him also a shelter .

And you know what? Collected by the Humane Society of Summit County... he has also found a home forever!

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