You do not know the Munchkin yet? You are going to crack!

Not (still) very well known in France, the Munchkin is a cat from the United States. His particuliarity ? He remains "baby" all his life and it makes him particularly cute.

With its small round face, very large eyes and very short legs, the Munchkin has it all. It must be said that this breed of cat is very special since the Munchkin remains "baby" all his life because of a genetic mutation. And if physically it is obvious, the Munchkin remains a child also in his behavior that is that of a kitten even when adult.

We bet that these few photos of Munchkins will make you totally melt


Instagram post by Cute Cats Kittens

The Munchkin is a player AND cuddly

Instagram post by MUNCHKIN CATS?

A chewable

Instagram post by MUNCHKIN CATS?

And very big eyes

Instagram post by MUNCHKIN CATS?

Really too cute

Instagram post by MUNCHKIN CATS?

The Munchkin can have long or short hair, there is some all tastes

Instagram post by MUNCHKIN CATS?

Come, we play

Instagram post by Munchkin cat

How to resist?

Instagram post by Pooky the Munchkin

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