Yes, dogs can help the mentally ill

A psychiatric hospital located in Amiens (Picardy) is the only one in France to offer its patients sessions of cynotherapy. These treatments, issued on medical prescription, consist in bringing a source of appeasement to the patients thanks to the help of dogs. And it works!

They are not drugs but can have effects at least as beneficial - if not more - on patients with mental illness . And most importantly, they are without side effects. Dogs are not the man's best friend for nothing. We know how much their presence is good for their masters. So, this "magical power" that makes them so unique, the psychiatric hospital of Amiens wanted to use it on his patients.

The results are spectacular to believe the nursing staff: people who self-injure have ceased their acts after a session of cynotherapy; others, who had difficulty expressing their emotions, were more easily released in the presence of a dog... " We started to use this type of therapy for patients who had difficulty opening up on the skin. 'outside ', "explained Dr. Cyril Guillaumont, head of pole. "The patient withdrawn on himself focuses on the animal that reassures him (...). We can see how the animal could have been the treatment that allowed them to open up."

The dog, a precious psychological help

The positive effect of the animal on humans is no longer to demonstrate. With mentally ill people, the dog is a support without fail, an attentive ear that does not judge and keeps all the secrets without ever repeating them. True antidepressant , it reduces anxiety, nervousness and promotes social ties.

The dog finally allows to regain consciousness of his body: take care of an animal (walk, brush it)...), is an encouraging first step to also take care of oneself.

When is the democratization of the cynotherapy everywhere in France...?

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