2011, The year of the rabbit: do not adopt!

This is clearly the message that PETA seeks to convey to the public at dawn of the year rabbit , which will begin on February 3 according to the Chinese lunar calendar. And yet, in China and the rest of Asia the sale of rabbits is already growing rapidly.

In China, it is no easier to find a rabbit to adopt than in the past. year of the rabbit. Then people succumb to his little face and offer themselves one or more balls of hair. But these rabbits are often abandoned once the effect of novelty passed.

A representative of the Peta in China explains: " Contrary to what we think, the rabbit is not only cute and crisp: it is an animal that demands expenditure, material, a lot of attention, and veterinary care .

Indeed, rabbits are fragile animals , which you have to handle it with delicacy, who need a lot of exercise and who must be supervised (they gnaw everything within reach of their teeth). In short, the rabbit is far from the ideal pet as can be a goldfish.

If you are among those who would be tempted by the adoption of a rabbit to celebrate this year 2011, think about all the constraints that it will bring you.