Wylie's Story: Dog Fights at Canine Competitions

What a beautiful story than that of Wylie, a dog promised to certain death if he had not crossed the path of his guardian angels. The poor animal was rescued in Afghanistan, where it was used for dog fighting. The ears and the cut tail, Wylie had been left for dead in a street...

But today, tells the Dailymail , the only opponents of the dog are those against which it will compete during the Canine exhibition to which he is preparing with his mistress: the Scruffts , the version of the famous Crufts for cross dogs

A real hell

Thanks to Nowzad, an association helping dogs and cats in Afghanistan, whom we have already told you about a number of times, that Wylie lives in England today, where he peacefully leads

convoy of British soldiers rescued him in Kandahar in February 2011, while a crowd was massed in front of a dog fight. Brought to the base, the poor animal was treated by an Australian female soldier. The hope of seeing him pass the night was slim. But Wylie is a dog as strong as brave. Unfortunately, the dog is gone, to return a few days later with new injuries

, including a large chest wound, made with a knife... Then when the dog was thrown under a car, the woman who cared for him started to think about how to bring him back with her.

She then contacted Nowzad. The veterinarians of the association took care of him, then entrusted him to a kennel before sending him to quarantine in England. Alas, she was denied entry to Australia

Sarah's favorite It was finally a young British woman, Sarah, who after visiting Wylie many times, decided to 'adopt. The one who says she had a real favorite for the martyr dog

is so proud of her beautiful companion, that she will present him in the cross-breed category at the famous Crufts dog show.

Already, the doggie has won a prize, that of the contest Buckham Fair rescue, reserved for dogs like him, have experienced suffering before a second chance is offered.