Wow! They create a miniature city for hamsters, and it's crazy!

Attention, too cute moment approaching! An agency has fabricated a beautiful city the size of hamsters. And it's so nice that we would be happy to live there too! Ready to visit?

Some projects are really amazing. This is the case of "Hungry Hungry Hamsters", a series in 9 episodes entirely dedicated to an adorable family of rodents. This series - designed to promote a food brand - was an opportunity to create a entire city with hamster . And the result is downright incredible!

Welcome to Yumville!

Named Yumville , this city dedicated to hamsters has everything you need: a bookstore, a cinema, houses, good streets decorated... To create it, it took the trifling 1984 working hours and no less than 1325 small accessories. A work of goldsmith who was really worth it when we see the result.

Yumville and his bookstore

Its alleys

His mythical cinema

His little cozy houses

And especially: its inhabitants too cute!

And very (but very) greedy

Below you can discover the first episode of this series really unlike any other , as well as its impressive making of.

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