Would you like to work with animals? (The question AllCreatureAnimalClinic / RMC)

Next Sunday, from 6am to 8am, the show Your Animals on RMC will be dedicated to unusual or original summer jobs related to animals . Pet sitting , dog walker, employed in a zoo or in an aquarium, ecovolunteer: the small jobs in contact with our friends with 4 or 2 legs are numerous!

But how to get there? Is not it too late for this year? All these questions will be answered live by the show's team on Sunday morning.

> Take the survey of the week on RMC

Take the survey of the week!

Like every week, partnership with RMC, AllCreatureAnimalClinic invites you to answer the poll of the week , the results of which will be revealed and commented by Laetitia Barlerin, François Sorel and their guests during the show.

Would you like, or Do you already have a job in contact with animals?

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