Would you dare to lock your dog in this box?

The American company "Dog Parkers" has just launched a new concept: some kinds of secure niches which, installed at the entrance of the stores in the street, allows you to go shopping while your dog, locked up, is waiting for you. So... for or against?

You may have been faced with this situation: you walk down the street with your dog, when suddenly you remember that you have no bread left. So you take the direction of the bakery, but then you find yourself facing a problem: your dog. Taking him to the food shops is forbidden, you must leave him attached to the outside, while taking the risk of you flying ... or give up your race. What are you doing?

To meet this constraint, Dog Parkers has found the solution: install niche-shaped "boxes" to allow homeowners to go shopping while leaving their dog nearby, safely, as this video shows:

20 cents per minute

These "boxes" open and close with the help of a mobile application, and their use pays off (20 cents a minute). The place is designed to be comfortable, adapted to dogs and temperature (which is automatically adjusted according to the outside temperature). It is also equipped with surveillance cameras which allow to keep an eye on his animal from his phone.

If the idea seems practical, it would prove that few people are ready to lock up their dog in such a place. The company says that its customers leave their dogs there for about fifteen minutes on average. And you, would you be a follower?

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