World Dog Show 2011: The Breed Dog Showcased

This week, from 7 to 10 July , dogs of the world will be honored on the occasion of the centenary of the World Dog Show .

For 4 days, no less than 35,000 dogs representing more than 300 different breeds that will proudly represent their species under the admiring eyes of thousands of visitors .

Organized by the very serious SCC (Central Canine Society), this international event takes place in France for the first time since 1974 !

On this occasion, the 15 000 professionals of the animal world (judges, breeders, educators, nutritionists, veterinarians...) will strive to give an image of excellence to their profession.

A salon dedicated to the

dog The real attraction of this salon, it will be the dogs, and left breed dogs . The SCC advocates for the development of the purebred dog in the street.

The image of the purebred dog that the organizers wish to give to the visitors? A friendly and family side in addition to its working dog capabilities .

The role of breeders of purebred dogs is also part of the values ​​that the show wishes to convey: the selection work is done to the well-being of the dog when one is dog

To highlight this, several "villages" will make you discover the universe of the dog of race.

All about the dog of race

No less than 3 villages will be dedicated to the purebred dog. The Village of Use will introduce you to Dog Trades , with a focus on dog use activities.

The Breed Village will teach you about the origins of each dog. individual. The Education and Health Village will be there to help you learn and understand the rules and objectives of purebred dog racing.

High-class demonstrations

Flyball, agility, mountain bike, rhythmic obedience... Do you miss these dog sports? The demonstrations that will take place during this show will be an opportunity to familiarize you, and you may want to practice with your companion on all fours.

The team cynotechnic firefighters Paris will give you a glimpse of debris dogs finding and rescuing buried people, capable

That's not all, dogs of the blind

, dogs herds and dogs of obedience will also impress you by their abilities. Finally, to close this show, the world championship of beauty

or "conformity to the standard" will reward the best dog of the world Beyond this championship, the intention of the dog race is to participate in the safeguarding and improvement of

dog breeds created by man over the millennia.

News Practices
Dates and Hours
July 7 to 10, 2011

9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Exhibition Center Paris Nord Villepinte - 95970 Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Cedex

Halls 5 and 6