Earn a Furminator Brush for your pet

It's already Christmas for you and your animals! The brand Furminator has indeed decided to spoil you, offering brushes for dogs, or for cat .
With these shedding tools designed to cleanse the coat of animals and give them a real feeling of well-being, brush your dear and tender 4-legged companion will become a pleasure

> I try my luck

How to win a Furminator brush

To try your luck, and know immediately if you have won, nothing more simple! Just go to Furminator's Facebook page, where the big Christmas Instant Winner

is waiting for you. Become a fan of

if you're not are not already, and choose to win your cat, or your dog. Click on "see if I won", and voila!

> I try my luck You lost? Do not be disappointed! You can retake your chance every day

until December 24.