Will you offer an advent calendar to your... cat?

The famous Advent Calendar , from which a window is opened every day before Christmas, is no longer reserved for children, since it There are now several versions for pets .

Does this mean that animals celebrate Christmas ? And that they are looking forward to the arrival of this holiday?

As you can see, the Animal Advent Calendar holds more than a nod to dog owners and cats (or rodents!) than a response to a real need for consumption.

So who are the candies hidden behind the 24 windows of these advent calendars? To your pet of course, and in this area, the brands compete with imagination.

It's Christmas too for the animals

The most chic advent calendar is marketed by Gourmet Purina for cats. Behind each box, a box of Gourmet Gold will enchant the taste buds of your cat. Available in supermarkets, it costs around 11 euros .

You will also find on online shops for dogs or cats, with the mark Trixie to 10 euros approximately. Behind the small cardboard windows, your companion will have the joy of finding different treats of various shapes and tastes.

The cheapest dog advent calendars can be found on Lapetavenue (under 7 euros), Zooplus (about 5 euros) and special rodent sells for around 9 euros

At Christmas, with or without advent calendar , know that the best gift you can give to your companion is a hug... that costs nothing!