Will this cat find adopters despite its difference?

Has Chubbles been abandoned because of this physical peculiarity? Mystery...

Chubbles was taken care of by a shelter in Michigan, USA. Very affectionate, the adorable hairball was in great need of companionship. This is the reason why, all turned upside down by his arrival at the shelter, he immediately snuggled against a volunteer

A cat with 24 toes!

But beyond his character so sweet , the shelter staff quickly realized that Chubbles had an incredible peculiarity: he has 24 toes ! Cats are normally 18. In 2002, a cat named Jake was named by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest cat toe: 28! So Chubbles is not far behind...

Is that why Chubbles, who is between 7 and 10 years old, was abandoned? Nobody knows. One thing is certain: this beautiful cat awaits a family for life who will love him despite this difference, which, incidentally, does not affect him in the least.

Chubbles, many cats are waiting for a family! Find them in our section Adoption or on the application Adopt me !

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