Why were Prince William's guard dogs euthanized?

For years, Brus and Blade ensured the safety of Prince William, when he was working for the Royal Air Force. But while the young dad just left the army, the two dogs were not rewarded for their dedication. No, 9 year old Belgian Shepherd and the 7 year old German Shepherd were euthanized.

It was Friday the 13th that the two dogs were asleep, the day after the announcement of the departure Prince William, who worked at the Royal Air Force Base on the Isle of Anglesey for the last 3 years.

" Brus and Blade officiated in a unit created specifically for the protection of William They were patrolling the station to protect military personnel and equipment, but once he left, the unit was closed , a source quoted by Sun revealed. And instead of being offered a peaceful retreat, the dogs were killed.

A coincidence?

Faced with the anger of lovers and animal advocates, the British Ministry of Defense had to give explanations. He claims that if the dogs were euthanized the day after the announcement of the prince's departure, it is only a " coincidence ".

The Ministry also recalls that Brus and Blade were not " charged exclusively with the security of William" . And if they were asleep, it's because they had health and behavior problems . " They were too aggressive for " to be able to live with a host family.

Explanations that do not appease the anger of animal welfare associations. Especially since, as Sun reveals, nearly 300 army dogs have been euthanized in the last 3 years. 300 others were placed in families.

Or euthanasia of convenience?

While the RSPCA states that " all possible solutions " should have been explored before the two guard dogs of the prince are killed, the ministry defends itself by assuring that the euthanasia of the dogs of the army was always envisaged in " last resort ".

Thing that animal behavioralist Roger Mugford hardly believes . " Behavior problems are often put forward as an excuse to put these dogs to sleep, and what should be done is to work on finding solutions to improve their environment, the only question to ask is: & ldquo; Would these dogs still be alive if William was still in post? "It sounds like a euthanasia of convenience " he laments.