Why use flower essences for dogs?

Bach Flowers do not "treat" the dog's behavior, as symptoms to be removed, but seek to go back to the root of the problem

: why does this dog do this? This inevitably individualized approach tells us about our dog and us, because it is in the relationship that we express, weave, our respective emotions. They are all indicated for the states of emotional shock , sadness, frustration, and help to restore communication between the dog and his master, a prerequisite for carrying out an educational project. And, cherry on the cake, by their very method of prescription, these flowers of the good are very useful to treat the psychosomatic affections

(diseases of the skin and the hair). The flower essences treat, without side effects, the emotional disorders causing behaviors of discomfort, even physical disorders (like allergies, with the Apple Crab). By nourishing your dog with positive emotions, the Bach Flowers

are a precious help in the service of his balance and his joie de vivre!