Why does your dog look like you?

A British study shows that we would tend to choose a dog breed that looks like us physically... and psychically?

Stereotypes that associate the snarling little poodles with the elderly or the rottweilers with the macho men go well, but would there be any truth in it?

Dr. Lance Workman of the University of Bath, in Great Britain, gives us the results a study conducted with 70 volunteers. They had to, from photos, associate the masters with their dogs. Up to 60% of the time, the results were correct.

He explains: "There is truth in this theory [...] A robust man will be more inclined to adopt a dog with whom he will be able to exercise .

On the other hand, there is no link between the personality of a dog breed and that of its owner; that would mean that a bull terrier owner would be less intelligent, and that of a friendlier labrador...

Dr. Workman adds that although everyone tends to do so, one should not judge the personality of someone in relation to his dog.

Finally, a sniff of stereotypes: the study shows that on average, dog owners are more pleasant than the rest of the population!

Think to have a dog that looks like you?