Why does my dog ​​rub his snout against me?

Dogs sometimes have amazing ways to make themselves understood. Rubbing their noses against their master is one of his ways of "talking". But what does it mean?

Sometimes the dog prefers to find another means of communication than barking. And to do this, nothing like a little snap to get the message . But what message, exactly?

1. I love you very hard

When your dog is going to see you and rubs his muzzle against you, it can be a sign of affection . Quite simply, he tells you that he loves you and expects a caress in return.

2. I want something

If your dog gives you short snapshots, it may be a sign of impatience. He is waiting for something and intends to make you understand it. A hug ? To eat ? The hour of the walk? It's up to you to interpret its expectations!

3. I Dominate You

Some scientists tend to think that when the dog rubs or puts his muzzle on or against his master, it is a sign of domination. He expresses the message: " I am the pack leader ". However, this theory is not unanimous!

4. I submit

On the contrary, it can also be a sign of submission. Thus, when a dog rubs his muzzle against that of a congener, it is a sign of respect .

5. Push yourself!

It also happens that a rather forceful muzzle means " push " or " give me a place ". Small dogs that like to bury their heads under your arms, especially, often tend to express their desire for space this way!

" Rubbing his muzzle wants everything and to say nothing at the same time , explains the veterinary doctor Stéphane Tardif It all depends on the relation or the repertoire of communication that each one has with his animal ". And to illustrate: " some dogs rest their head on the thigh of their master, others bark... It all depends on the response provided by the owner : if the dog gets what he wants every time he acts like this, he will quickly understand that this is the best way to achieve his goals .

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