Why cat catches furniture

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Clawing furniture or other objects allows the cat not so much, as it is said, to sharpen its claws, but especially to maintain them by eliminating pieces of claws and

that command them.

The scratches are also used to communicate that the cat has been there. That's why the marks claws are always at strategic

and clearly visible: as on the arm of the couch facing the door or, in the garden, on the most visible trees. At the visual component of scratch is added another message, even more detailed, which is transmitted by the olfactory data of pheromones

present s in the foot pads Clawing furniture and objects has the function of marking its territory

; the more the cat is stressed and tense, the more this behavior becomes frequent

To propose a scratching post to his cat In spite of the "good reasons" that the cat can have, it is naturally a question for his master of a unwanted behavior

if it applies to the new couch, curtains or tapestry Some teachers decide to deprive their animals of their

claws by surgery to to get rid of the problem, but some subjects still continue to mimic the gesture of the scratches, proof if it is of the importance of this act for the felines. The declawing is legal in the United States. United States and Canada, but is illegal in France

since 2003. We can prevent this kind of unwanted behavior without resorting to such an extreme solution. Just allow them to let off steam in the right place . If kittens are encouraged to use the cat scratcher

very early, they usually do not touch the furniture. Since cats want to scratch after waking

When doing their stretching exercises, it seems advisable to install the scratching post close to where they usually sleep

A behavior transmitted genetically It seems that this behavior is transmitted genetically

: the little ones of the scratching cats will tend to scratch more than the others. But to make the claws is also an acquired behavior and transmitted by imitation . As we said before, the best

teacher of a kitten remains his mother, so if we want to avoid this particular problem, it is recommended to get kittens from a mother using a regular scratcher. If mom cat could not learn how to use it to her little ones, the owner must become the "master" and train your cat

by encouraging him to use a scratching post To encourage the cat, you can scratch the scratcher with catnip at first. can also be protected from its claws by covering them with aluminum foil or clear film, or by spraying them with cat repellent or citrus essence, which can be cats do not support

The pole of the scratching post must be high enough to allow the cat to stretch fully and bend while pushing its claws.

It must be stable and do not risk to swing and fall. The material must satisfy above all the cat: the more the scratcher is old and frayed, the more it will be fun to reduce it to pieces.

If you have several cats, it is better to have several scratches in different places in the house

Find the advice of a veterinarian in this video:

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