Why children trust their pet more than their family

The innumerable benefits of pets for children are no longer to prove. Good for health, as well as for morale and self-confidence, dogs and cats are often more than animals for their young masters They become their confidants , and if we believe the In a study conducted over ten years in Britain, children are more likely to turn to their 4-legged friends than their siblings if there is a problem.

This search was conducted by Cambridge University doctoral student Matt Cassels to 100 British families. It emerged from this long follow-up that children who have gone through hardships such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, illness or poverty have established stronger relationships with their pets than with their peers . An even more pronounced phenomenon among little girls with dogs

Empathic confidants

Matt Cassels himself grew up surrounded by animals, reads on the Gates Cambridge website. Animals that have had a great importance in his life as a child and teenager. Her research shows how reassuring animals can be for the presence of animals, as well as helping them become more sociable and confident.

"It is truly surprising that these children not only look to their animals to find support in the face of adversity, but especially that they do it more than they turn to their brothers and sisters and even if they know that their animals do not understand actually what they say "says Matt Cassels

" They have to realize that their animals do not judge them, and since animals do not seem to have their own problems, they just listen to them. diary may be therapeutic, but animals are even better because they can be empathic "

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