Why do cats meow when they come in or out of a room?

Why do our cats break our ears all day long as they pass from one room to another? to the other ? This is the existential question that all cat owners face!

Whether your door is closed or open, your cat always finds something to say? It's normal ! In fact, it does not just whisper you sweet words... Even though science has recently proven that your animal was really trying to communicate with his human, this time, your companion plays well with you . Indeed, there is a scientific reason for the actions of your beloved feline: its primitive side is still present. If the dog has been domesticated by the man, the cat still keeps the instincts of his ancestors and is therefore particularly close to his habits and his territory. Thus, the door forms a kind of dam or obstacle to personal comfort.

The cat, a territorial animal

After that, one wonders why our dear hairball spends its time changing rooms while meowing... well, all this is once again due to its territorial side! Indeed, when the latter meows, it marks its territory , in the same way as when it rubs itself by depositing its pheromones while signaling that the place belongs to him. It's true, you never know, in case other cats come into his house, we're never too careful!

Few solutions are available to you... try to stop closing your doors, maybe it will prevent him from feeling trapped. You can also try Catnip, this plant with euphoric effects having antidepressant virtues for your feline, which will make it play and change the ideas. Thus, he may temporarily forget his territorial concerns.

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