Why cat catches tissues?

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Some cats tend to fabric . This behavioral problem occurs more frequently in Siamese and Burmese.

This attitude should not be considered a problem until the cat is fully grown and should not be confused with the natural propensity of kittens weaned too soon to suck objects for non-food purposes.

Cats living outdoors are weaned at about six months of age, but they may exhibit this kind of behavior

They chew usually wool with their molars, but, for want of anything better, they can fall back on synthetic fabrics, cotton, etc. They generally prefer knits or soft fabrics . Some cats suck their own hair and that of other cats, after having torn off a few tufts.

Other cats are particularly attracted by their master's hair , which they suck while stirring their legs one after the other as if they were "kneading", in a movement not unlike that of the kitten suckling the milk of his mother.

In some extreme cases, this behavior applies to all types of fabric: blankets, socks, soft toys, intimate lingerie, shower curtains, shoe laces are chewed and sometimes swallowed. The cat can make huge holes in a few minutes.

This pathological behavior is called by specialists " pica " and can, in some cases, lead to intestinal obstruction . Tissue chewing seems to be related to nutrition, as it can be stimulated by fasting and the prohibition of access to plants, bone or food.

Provide a non-hazardous material

It is not so much a question of food deficiency but rather of a need of non assimilable fibers .

The treatment of the problem would consist on the one hand to provide a material that the cat can ingest without danger and without damage, like old clothes, and on the other hand trying to teach the cat what he has the right or not to eat.

For this you can use an expedient which consists of offer the cat a woolen item soaked in cologne and a spicy solution .

The cat will associate the aroma of the cologne with the unpleasant taste of chilli and avoid touching scented clothes. It will, of course, then perfume all clothing, lingerie and other fabrics that the cat is not allowed to touch.

In the most serious cases, we can meet the need of the cat to chew by giving him every day a chicken wing, or better a raw quail.

Even if there is a potential danger related to the bones and that in normal time it is strongly disadvised to give them to them, do not forget Not that in nature, many cats regularly kill and eat birds without having the slightest problem.

In some cases, it has proven useful to administer drugs such as Clomipramine, used to treat compulsive behaviors in people. But a change of environment can also be beneficial, especially if it is richer in stimuli to encourage the cat to interactive play and thus defuse the tension it suffers.

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