Whoopi Goldberg rescues a cat from the window of a car in the middle of a race

Whoopi Goldberg , the must-have actress of Sister Act , has just announced to the press that she is the happy mistress of a kitten.

The little cat must have been loosely abandoned before being able to find the heat of a new focus ...

Thrown through the window of a car crossing a bridge

Christened Vinny by the actress, the kitten was found lost in the middle of the six fast tracks of the suspension bridge of New York, the Verrazano-Narrows

. Deliberately thrown out the window of a

car launched at full speed at the beginning of July, the kitten was found in extremis by an official who was working on the bridge at the same time.

The kitten made an appearance t The story of this kitten is extraordinary and this survivor moved all of America

. Determined to ensure that it is adopted by a good family, the producers of TV show The View

The kitten was invited to their set Whoopi Goldberg was one of the first viewers to adopt the kitten nicknamed Verrazano

as the bridge where it was found I can now say, I will finally bring home the kitten !

, welcomed the l

Camilla Parker rescues Jack Russell puppy from


Beth , a 4-month-old Jack Russell was indeed adopted by the Duchess after she saw her photo, broadcast by the shelter in which she was It is certain that

Beth will flow happy bear