Who poisons the dogs of Moscow?

But what happens at the Park of the Cinquantenaire of the October Revolution, in Moscow? An investigation has been opened by the police following the death of many dogs , wandering or domestic, come to walk there.

It seems that one, or poisoners have been raging for several weeks in this park located in the southwest of the Russian capital.

Poison meatballs

Dozens of dogs, between 40 and 70 according to various estimates based on complaints received by the police have succumbed in recent days. They have reportedly been eating poisoned meatballs, reports the Associated Press .

The investigation was opened last week, and for the time being, two hypotheses are mentioned. Local residents, worried about their safety and especially that of their children, may have decided to solve the problem of stray dogs who invade Moscow.

"Dog hunters"

Unless these poisonings are caused by those known as

Dog Hunters. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Capturing and killing animals has become a real hobby for them. They have fun comparing their charts and methods... They have websites. They describe how they kill dogs. They publish photographs, tell you which poison is the best and how to get it, "says Vera Lesovets, a communications professional who studies the phenomenon.

In Russia, the killing of an animal is punished a two-year prison sentence. Unfortunately, this law is not applied enough. Only one sentence has been handed down since 2011, when dozens and dozens of animals were killed ...

25,000 stray dogs in the streets of Moscow

Dog hunters claim their actions and argue the increase in the number of stray dogs to justify their cruelty. Today there are 25,000 dogs in the streets of the Russian capital. While many Muscovites fear the presence of these animals, many are mobilizing to protect .

It is not uncommon to see people in Moscow adopt dogs stray , and on the Internet, groups are created to try to fight against hunters...

In 1999> , the authorities launched a program to sterilize stray dogs. But he was arrested in 2006, while several shelters were created to accommodate the animals. Measurements unfortunately insufficient...