Who does this cat make you think of? This resemblance has made him a star

It does not take much to become a star on the web, when you are a cat at least... Because the mustache perfectly drawn under his nose gives him an alleged resemblance to Joseph Stalin, this cat meets a crazy success on instagram where he meets nearly 10,000 fans. And he does not just make people smile, no, this black and white feline just named Mehantph Stalin also earns money to pay for his kibble with the line of clothing with his effigy that he started.

"Naturally, I immediately thought of" Cat that looks like Hitler "but I did not think his mustache was like, so I sat down and thought about finding a celebrity who would have a similar mustache We never wanted to insult anyone by naming him like this.We are not the first to call our cat after a terrible dictator and have not thought bad about choosing Stalin, "says Anne Sofie, the lucky owner of the cat who has naturally received unsympathetic messages about the doubtful choice of the name of her cat ...

The 23-year-old woman says she had a real love at first sight for the animal when she saw it May 2013. She was studying in Japan and was preparing to return home to Olso in Norway. "I was able to book Stalin and his friend Durin until I came back from Japan when Stalin was old enough to leave his mother," she says. And to affirm to be a great lover of the cats, without which she could not live.

Kitten extremely agitated and destructive, Mehantph Stalin calmed down over the months, but he remains the boss of the house! "He runs after us and attacks our toes, our faces and our hair. It's a real character " says Anne Sofie.