While walking, her dog refuses to move when she understands why she is calling for help

He was less One.

Earlier this month, Cynthia Kingdon was walking her dog Aaron near her home in Massachusetts. Everything was going well until the puppy started to pull on the leash and freezes in front of a

water drain.

Cynthia Kingdon first not paying attention, but in the face of his dog's insistence, she throws a glance. This is where she notices that there is a cat trapped under the grill. The kitten starts to cry.

Cynthia Kingdon immediately calls for help because she can not reach the cat. At the same time, several neighbors arrive and one of them explains that the cat belongs to a neighbor and that he disappeared several days before.

A cat safe and sound Once the help arrived, the cat could be out of the sewer where he was stuck. Disappeared for ten days, Wiggles still lost a few pounds in passing

Delighted to find his cat, the owner of Wiggles wrote several thank you cards. For her part, Cynthia Kingdon explained that without her dog she would never have found the poor cat. So this is Aaron the little hero in this story.