While walking, he sees something on the side of the road and can not believe his eyes

A meeting that changed everything

It was while walking in the street that a man saw something that caught his eye. Approaching, he notices that it is a broken cage in which are two adorable guinea pigs !

The local SPA is immediately contacted and the two pigs Terrified India are carried away safely. It's a great chance they could have been saved because the cage was open and they could have escaped to certain death in just a few seconds.

"It was an act really very cruel and the two pigs from India could have escaped their cage and be injured or killed by a car, "says a member of the SPA. "We are very happy to have been able to help them before they were injured . The person who abandoned these animals could never know that they would be saved in time.

Currently warm in a center in Glasgow, the two guinea pigs are doing well and will soon be offered for adoption so that they can find the family for the life they deserve so much .

In parallel, the SPA has launched a call to find out who has left AJ and Pete in such a cruel way.

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