While his house is in flames, this dog has survived by finding the best hiding

A real sense of survival

A few days ago in North Carolina, a dog was caught in the fire of his house. A terrible moment for the little dog who undoubtedly had a great moment of panic when his house went up in flames. But fortunately for him, he had the right idea at the right time !

Instead of panicking and running around or totally freezing in a corner, the dog had an other idea. No doubt pushed by his instinct, he dug a real hole in the couch of his humans to hide.

Quickly called on the spot, the firemen know that they must save two dogs of the house on fire. If they find the older of the two - who will need oxygen, but are well - they find it harder to locate the smaller one. It is only a few minutes later that they will discover the dog hidden in the sofa , safe and sound.

For the moment, the cause of the fire is not known, but the house has suffered a lot of damage...

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