Which cat litter to choose

What cat litter to choose ? This is a question that deserves to be asked.

Indeed, if you thought you could opt for a litter first price taken at the turn of a ray... Think again!

Know that well in spite of you, it is your cat who will decide.

The felines are very sensitive to their litter and if it does not suit them, they will sulk it without any other form of process!

Litter cat clumping

A cat litter in the form of granules, based on bentonite or sepiolite, which will aggregate around the droppings will be preferred, forming balls that are easily removed every day with a small shovel

Compared to traditional litters, the advantage is triple for the following reasons:

- m odors odors , with a profit not only for the masters, but also for the cats, who do not like the smelly environments.

- the cleaning of the box which one empties whole only weekly and not daily

- granules are less dusty than sand. It is a very important factor for the health of cat bronchi which, in permanent contact with dust, could develop a form of respiratory allergy known as feline asthma. The importance of choosing a suitable litter is understood.

Cat litter

As for rodents, wood chips can be used for the cat litter .

Linen litter is particularly absorbent and regulates odors well.

As it is natural, it can be emptied into the compost of the garden after use!
> Choose the litter of the garden Chat at the best price!

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