Where to buy your dog

Before buy your dog , choose carefully not only the breed, but also the "source" to which to apply for the purchase.

The puppies are not all the same and if you Let's be charmed by the first comer, this can result in a series of problems that range from simple economic harm (if you pay a much too high amount compared to the actual value of the dog) to the pain premature loss (if the puppy is not in good health) not to mention the potential danger that this represents (if the dog has any character problems)

Define his criteria of choice

You must know before everything exactly what you expect from a dog . If, for example, you want a simple companion dog, you do not need a very beautiful and / or very strong subject: you just need a typical dog, healthy and balanced, that is, that is, without any character problems. So you can arrive serene and decided at the time of purchase of the dog.

The experts

A good breeding can certainly get it, but with a little luck, you can also find it from an individual or a good pet shop. In the latter two cases, they are rarely specialists in cynophilia and you can not therefore obtain a real "quality guarantee."

The solution can then be to be assisted by a true connoisseur of the breed to whom you will ask to accompany you to see the puppies and help you in your choice.

To assess the health and character of a puppy, just contact a veterinary . However, do not expect him to judge the beauty of a dog because it is not part of his skill. If you do not know anyone who is expert in the field, you can get an idea of ​​the future appearance of puppies by observing their parents.

If you want a show dog or a job dog, you absolutely must to a good breeder , the only person who makes a real selection on the physical and psychic characteristics of his dogs


It is important to only choose breeding recognized by the SCC (Central Canine Society) and specialized in the breed that interests you. Many "breeders" can not really be defined as such: either they have only a sign on their grid (but they do not have an affix recognized by the FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale, which is affiliated with the French CSC), or this sign also includes a kennel under which many breeds are sold.

Indeed, a good breeder only breeds one breed, two at most ; some go up to three (and this is already a very important job if one wants to raise properly) but not beyond. Those who raise fifty races and who propose "sending all over France with payment by installment" can be very honest traders, but they are not professional breeders and they will never be able to guarantee you a subject of good level, even if they have a hundred affixes.

To know the best breedings you can call the SCC headquarters or contact directly the specialized club that deals with the breed that interests you. Finally you can consult the AllCreatureAnimalClinic directory of breed dog breeds .

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