Where to buy your cat?

You have decided to adopt a kitten! It only remains to decide where you want to buy it: in a pet store or at a breeder.

It is not so easy to choose where buy a kitten

Buy your kitten at a farm or pet store?

There are farms and pet shops which have the advantage of offering a wider choice cat breeds, but it is always better to go to qualified breeders.

They are generally specialized in only one or two breeds, but know how to select the breed they breed with specific criteria, and especially with a lot of passion. Pet shops, meanwhile, are more like a kind of "big distribution" for animals: they can be useful to find accessories or brands of food that are not necessarily found elsewhere.

The best breeders meet in General in the feline exhibitions which are organized each year in different cities. The deep passion of the breeder is guaranteed for the buyer.

On the other hand, it is necessary to be wary of those who make animals a simple commercial "object": the cat is not a package and one must choose it in knowing that he will become our companion for many years.