When the YouTUBeur Rémi Gaillard denounces the abusive abandonment of animals (Video of the day)

Posted on Tuesday, the video of the humorist montpellier was seen nearly 900000 times. It denounces the abusive abandonment suffered by too many dogs and cats each year...

"It's still annoying for animals to live with 7 billion cons." If it is better known for his gritty video sketches that his good actions, force is to note that these should however be more often brought to light! And indeed, Rémi Gaillard, the YouTUBEUR native of Montpellier, which alone accounts for no less than 5.4 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views, is a staunch supporter of the animal cause.

last video shot live from the refuge of the SPA of Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, Animal Planet, comedian 2.0 denounces the abusive abandonment suffered by our four-legged friends:

No, you have not dreamed: he has indeed indeed dared to imprison - naked - humans in these sad cages. The goal ? To provoke an electroshock in the image of those he had already unleashed last June when, grimaced in dog, he already grumbled against abandonment, and September when, disguised as an orc, he criticized the policy of Marineland d 'Antibes .

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