When Vladimir Putin's dogs mark the spirits...

On Tuesday, in an interview, the Russian president received two Japanese journalists in the Kremlin. He took the opportunity to present Yume, a dog offered by the Japanese prefecture of Akita. And everything did not go as planned.

Vladimir Putin is not known to be the greatest animal lover: the scandal of the thousands of stray dogs slaughtered for the Sochi Olympics in February 2014 has not been forgotten. However, if he's a good dog he loves, it's his! Before hitching up this Thursday for Tokyo, the head of state received two Japanese journalists who had come to interview him. On this occasion, he was able to meet Yume, the dog Akita Inu offered in 2012 by Norihisa Satake , the governor of Akita Prefecture, after Russia helped the country rebuild itself in following the 2011 tsunami, reported CNN .

Unfortunately, the encounter was not calm: of a natural suspicious with the unknown , the Akita Inu - which is one of the most expensive dog breeds - tends to stand guard. And Yume was no exception: she hurried to bark at the two poor men.

Angela Merkel, victim of one of Vladimir Putin's dogs?

Everything is nevertheless very quickly returned the order... thanks to a few tricks and treats. But this is not the first time such an event has taken place: in 2007, Koni - Labrador black Vladimir Putin - had the chance to go to greet Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. An innocuous act that could have had a lot of consequences since... this one was very afraid of doggies !

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"I did not know anything about it. On the contrary, I wanted to please him by showing him my favorite dog . I explained everything to him and I apologized, "the head of state later told the German magazine Bild .

In addition to Yume and Koni, Vladimir Putin is also the master of an adorable Bulgarian Shepherd named Buffy.

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