When veterinarians discovered this strange creature, they did not believe their eyes

A "strange creature" was found in critical condition in the home of an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer's disease. When the vets found out, they were stunned.

A huge hairy spider? That's what you would think of Hidey's view. Still, it's only a cat. A miserable poor cat victim of the negligence of its owner.

The latter, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, entered a retirement home, leaving his two cats, Hidey and Siam, completely delivered to themselves in his house. Fortunately, one of his distant relatives, named Paul Russel, remembered the presence of these cats. He went to the old man's house to retrieve them. But he never could have imagined what he would find there...

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While searching for cats in the house, an enormous animal came up from under the bed , before running into the cellar. Although frightened, Paul Russel followed him to find him. And when finally he was able to put his hand on him, he discovered with horror that this animal with the monstrous appearance was... only a cat. A cat, more exactly.

Western PA Humane Society

900 grams of hair!

Hidey had hair so tangled that they formed huge dreadlocks. Paul Russel immediately took her to the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center where she was treated. It was necessary to anesthetize her to raise her. In total, more than 900 grams of hair were removed, leaving beautiful curves: obviously, Hidey was overweight . This is probably one of the causes for which she was found in such a state, with obese cats having a harder time grooming themselves. And his old master, surely unable to help him, did nothing to fix things...

© Western PA Humane Society

Now, Hidey left the veterinary clinic. Paul Russel and his family decided to keep it . Freed from her hairy prison , she can now lead a healthy and happy life alongside humans who will never neglect her again.

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