When the truth about rats breaks out in the open... bluffing! (Video of the day)

Because rats are a lot nicer than you think and you're likely to be really surprised...

Scared of them because of clich├ęs about them, rats do not are not in the hearts of many. But as in this temple in India where they are sacred, when they are loved, it is for real. And since "love gives wings" and "that valiant nothing is impossible" , a young woman named Abby Roeser fights daily to recognize the many qualities of these hairy misunderstood.

How? Well... teaching them tricks! And for good reason, behind their reputation of big cracras (completely unfounded), the domestic rats are especially really very intelligent. Here is the proof with this adorable four-legged that flies to the rescue of his human every time she sneezes!

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The lady's domestic rats know moreover do a lot of other things.

"I train my rats with clicker-training and positive reinforcement" , Abby Roeser on her YouTube channel.

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