When to sterilize the cat?

Sterilizing your cat or not is an important decision to make e, both for the master and for the animal

First and foremost, it is necessary to put an end to a widespread belief . It is wrong that the cat should give birth at least once before being sterilized, as this does not rely on any scientific basis.

If one decides that one's cat should have small it is done for pleasure or to have a breeding.

On the other hand, if you do not want to have kittens, you sterilize the cat


Sterilization methods Oophorectomy - that is, removal of the ovaries - is a routine operation

performed under general anesthesia, which causes only a few stitches and two days of fatigue. In addition, it significantly reduces the risk of udder tumors and infections of the uterus. The character of the cat is not changed: it does not become apathetic and, in terms of a possible increase in weight, we can easily overcome the problem by feeding the cat with a balanced

cat food with a low calorie content It is essential to avoid the use of

medicines to fight against calories and conception.

These methods are not no risk to health, be it uterine infection, diabetes and a higher likelihood of breast tumors.