When to start educating the puppy?

"puppy" and "dog" are two different realities, and dressage puppy will be different from that of a dog

Make the difference with an adult dog

It's exactly like "child" and "man". If a child is not a man in miniature, a puppy is also not a dog bonsai version: at a young age, the psychology is completely different , it reacts to different stimulations and different way.

It must be emphasized that the mental construction of a young dog is like a sponge ready to absorb millions of information that would be hardly received by an adult , or even completely ignored. So if you want an educated and obedient dog, it is better to choose a puppy.

To start the puppy's education early

In the old days, we used to wait for the age of one year to start learning something from the dog, because it was thought that before, he was too small to learn: the puppy was just taught not to do his homework on the floor. This reasoning would be tantamount to waiting until our children are twenty years old to send them to school!

is the youngest to learn, even if you have to adapt the programs to the possibilities of learning. a spirit in full development.

But that's not all. The young age, in the dog, is also that of learning hierarchies : the puppies, within the pack, discover the existence of a leader, subjects of higher rank and of others of lower rank. If they did not accept these rules at an early age and did not learn to respect their superiors, they would become social misfits in the pack's life. And eventually, they would sign their sentence.

The puppy is, on a certain level, aware of this: as soon as he enters his new home, his social pet instinct pushes him to evaluate the "hierarchical degree" of its inhabitants, trying to understand who commands, whom they can trust, who they should follow... and with whom they can simply play, without waiting for anything else.

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