When a tiny kitten helps stressed students

Thanks to the astonishing initiative of a Californian teacher, a tiny cat came to illuminate the daily life of stressed students.

From the height of her six weeks, Little Ony went to school! Collected by a teacher who became her host family , this little cat spent an unusual day for an animal her age.

Far from being intimidated, she knew perfectly well integrate among students. "She loves cuddling, playing and sleeping on my chest," her foster family told LoveMeow . The class was therefore a real playground for her discovery of the world and her socialization

The cat, this anti-stress

The pupils, they were delighted to this impromptu visit: "some of them entered the classroom grumpy but smiles were quickly drawn on their faces" at the sight of the cat, testified the teacher. After a week "very stressful", nothing like to decompress that of enjoy the benefits of the presence of a pet of company!

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