When a skunk covers a kitten with kisses... We fall in love! (Video of the day)

Attention! This video can make you literally melt ... We would have warned you!

A cute kitten in the middle of a nap, and a pretty skunk that looks like two drops of water to that of Bambi , in addition to his name, Fleur: the result could only be adorable!

Flower is tired of seeing his friend the cat sleeping like a dormouse. The skunk wants to play with him, so he starts waking him up. And it is in sweetness that she decides to do it, with gentle kisses ! A gentle tactic that will eventually pay, but after a long time. For taking a cat out of deep sleep is not easy!

On this Monday morning, one dreams of a awakening as soft as this one. there, no?

A skunk wakes up a kitten by covering it with kisses

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