When our domestic animals fly to rescue wild animals

While the human race destroys each day a little more their natural habitats and murder their last representatives for money, it is sometimes other animals, our dear and tender pets, who fly to the rescue of the threatened species.

On this World Animal Day, AllCreatureAnimalClinic wished to pay homage to these dogs and those cats who devote themselves every day to the survival of wild animals

Elephant Sheepdogs

This is the case of Major and Zeta, elephant sheepdogs. These two Australian dogs are not cold-blooded. They manage herds of animals much larger and stronger than themselves, but they know how to make themselves respected and thus allow the employees of the natural park where they work to take care of elephants and other animals as well.

The dog Blakely watches over the orphan animals at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, USA. His relationship with Dale, a young takin, a wildebeest bovid, melted the surfers last summer.

Dogs to keep company with orphan big cats

In the United States, several zoos have programs to help their orphan felines grow and socialize thanks to the precious presence of dogs. Incredible duos were born in San Diego, for example, where the cheetah Ruuxa and the dog Raina became truly inseparable.

How to stay in front of this duo or in front of Kasi and Matni, this cheetah and this Labrador whose 'unparalleled friendship never ceases to amaze visitors to the zoo of the city of Tampa.

> A dog and a cheetah best friends

The cat who watches over his lynx

At the zoo Leningrad, in Russia, a funny duo runs happy days since 6 years: a lynx and a cat, become truly inseparable. Today, the big cat could not live without his little cat. He needs him

> The cat and the Lynx who love each other tenderly

When dogs fight against poaching

On the African continent, in Kenya for example or in South Africa , dogs fight against the poaching of endangered species.

Killer, a Malinese aged 6, is a real specialist. It was accompanied by his master, Amos Mzimba, that the dog flew over Kruger National Park aboard a helicopter. He can boast of having contributed to the arrest of a dozen poachers, who mainly targeted rhinoceroses, killed for their horns and their supposed aphrodisiac virtues.

> The exemplary work of a dog hunter poachers in South Africa

In the Congo, dogs from Saint Hubert were trained to track traffickers and keep them away from elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees and other okapis.

> Dogs to fight against elephant poaching

In Kenya, dog Diego also does an amazing job. He is the best friend of rhinoceros . Thanks to him and his human partners, none of the rhinos they watch over has been lost in the last 12 months.
> Diego, the dog that protects Kenya rhinos against poachers