When miraculate pitbull puppies bring comfort

Victims of cruelty, these three young puppies have survived the worst. Recently taken over by the Washington Humane Society, they now bring a lot of tenderness...

They are called Chase, Haagen Dazs and Klondike. And from the height of their 4 months, these three - so terrible - pitbulls have already suffered what humanity could do worse to animals. Let's remember: there is no bad dog, only bad masters. Already suffering from a bad reputation, these three little ones will have to get up again after dealing with abuse, malnutrition and... with scabies

Handled in time by the Washington Humane Society , the three little ones are no longer in danger and one of them has even already found a family. Nevertheless, the association still wanted to condemn the deplorable state in which these puppies were found, declaring that "cruelty to animals in any form whatsoever could not be tolerated and that [his] community [would] sue the perpetrators of these crimes. "

Emaciated by malnutrition, Chase could no longer walk alone and his body temperature was poorly regulated...

But thanks to the care of veterinarians and their unfailing friendship, the little ones are now ready to face life... for the best!

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