When kittens restore the joy of living to a former fighting dog

Kittens were part of the dreamed gift for this pit bull, saved from rings in 2007. By jumping on and cuddling, these small balls of hair have indeed restored the joy of living to Cherry Garcia, the survivor of the fighting dogs of Michael Vick.

Cherry Garcia was honored by BarkPost in a video for the "Dogs Best Day "which aims to give the most deserving dogs the most beautiful 24 hours of their lives. And during that day, Cherry had the right to cuddle tiny kittens and play on a small beach with her family! This is how the latter has also discovered a passion for small cats...

If today, the pitbull is an excellent companion for his masters as well as for his friends cats, you must know that he did not always have happy days. Indeed, Cherry was not always able to express her loving nature, since before finding a caring family, this ball of hair belonged to Michael Vick, a dog fighting organizer from Virginia. Like 50 other doggies, Cherry was mistreated and had to fight with her peers.

When the dogs were finally removed from the hands of the former Pittsburgh Steelers quaterback, Cherry, traumatized, started a long way towards healing. It is only after a long rehabilitation and its adoption in 2010 that the doggie has managed to reveal his true personality.

Cherry now runs happy days during which he spends his time swimming, kisses and most of all, to take care of Walker, his feline brother with whom he spends most of his time! " Cherry just loves cats. All he asks is to be able to play with them. Every time he's with cats, the stress disappears completely! , "says Paul Fiaccone, owner of the pitbull at BarkPost, before adding: " He would surely love to be the new nanny of her kittens. "

And apparently, they love being pampered by Cherry. They jump on him, cuddle him, sleep with him... a good dose of love that is pleasing to see!

Today, Paul Fiaccone's goal is to make people understand that the old fighting dogs are not different from others, the proof with Cherry! "What they want is to be happy, they claim love, and you have to see all they can give back" , said the owner of the animal.

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