When Kanye West Poses With Pugs

Notice to the fans of Pugs, but also of Kanye West! So what is the common point between adorable dogs and the American rapper ? A calendar!

The collective Meet the Pugs had the funny idea to create a collection of the cult sentences of the future husband of Kim Kardashian, accompanied by photos of the rapper and small dogs with irresistible boiling. Of course; it's about photomontages, really very successful!

A crazy success!

12 months, 12 photos, 12 sentences to die of laughter such as " The ninjas is cool, but I do not do not personally know ", or" What makes me the saddest is to tell me that I will never be able to attend one of my concerts & rdquo; this is the calendar that will have to replace in the kitchen the eternal kitten of the postman!

" One day while we work, we had an idea: why not combine our passion for Carlins and the most popular and controversial music star of the moment? , the creators of the calendar say,

Kanye West and his Pugs are a huge success, while Meet the Pug said he needed $ 1,500 (1,100 euros) so that the calendar can see the day, it is more than 16 000 dollars (11 600 euros) which have so far been collected on the platform Kickstarter .