When Isia, Michel Drucker's dog, makes his star on social networks

Isia is the adorable Border Collie of Michel Drucker and his wife Dany Saval. Saved from Romania, she runs happy days in the family today.

On the set of Vivement dimanche (France 3), on stage at the theater, in front of the journalists, in front of the fans, she is here. At the restaurant, at the cinema, on vacation, she is always there. Isia follows her master, Michel Drucker , like her shadow... except for a few evenings where she wisely awaits her in her basket, near the radiator.

Isia and her master have become inseparable. A native of Romania , she has won the hearts of Michel Drucker and his wife, but also all the French who see her on TV.

On her Facebook page , Isia tells all his adventures, like a real star on all fours. She does not fail to sensitize the public to the cause of the dogs which, like her for a long time, did not always have a warm hearth... Her mistress, Dany Saval, is besides the president and founder of the association Liza .

Here Isia, the bitch of Michel Drucker and Dany Saval

Isia comes from Romania

Today, Isia is happy in her new home

Isia is very greedy

She likes cheese very much

She accompanies her teacher everywhere

And wisely waits for her in her basket when she is not with him

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