When a dog catches catnip (video of the day)

Owners of cats, you probably know, but catnip (or catnip) has both exciting and relaxing virtues in the feline

The effects of catnip are sometimes similar to some illicit substances about us humans...

When he sniffs this grass, the cat starts to adopt a completely delusional behavior ; it rubs against the ground, stretches and relaxes... It's like being possessed.

Well do you know that catnip also works on dogs? So look at the behavior of Bella the dog when she sniffs Mr Muggles's grass bag.

After all these emotions, the craving is felt and the two friends are entitled to their small ration of kibble

But Mr Muggles the cat does not lose the north: it is he who provides the grass, so it is he who will have the last kibble !

Fortunately that the catnip is not forbidden in the land of dogs!

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