When a dog and an opossum become the best friends of the world (Video of the day)

Our animal friends have already proven to us on several occasions that inter-species friendship was possible. But who could have imagined that a opossum and a dog become the best friends of the world ?

This is the story of Poncho, a small possum saved in South Carolina by the Rare Species association Fund after the death of his mother. Weak and unmarked when he arrived, he certainly would not have survived without Hantu.

Hantu is a sheepdog who decided to take Poncho under his wing... or rather on his back! As he would have done with his mother, every day, Poncho climbs on the back of his friend and they go for a walk in the forest.

They grew up together and today have become inseparable . Robert Johnson from Rare Species Fund speaks about their relationship: " Everyone plays an important role in the life of the other. When Hantu leaves the house for his daily walk in the wood, she does not leave until she's sure that Poncho is hanging on her back. "

A friendship story as beautiful as it is uninspiring , found on video:

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